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All the time we care about our products quality and our customers' convenience. In 2000 the MONO-TRANSSERVISS DIAGNOSTIC CENTER was opened. The Center is equipped with modern Dutch, German and Italian equipment. The idea of the Center is to improve our products presale testing and better service for customers.

Center's staff took special classes and trainings in WABCO, BPW, SAF companies where they got certificates. Specialists with the required skills and knowledge for you to get peace of mind and good total economy.

The MONO-TRANSSERVISS Diagnostic Center is one of few places in Latvia where skilled personnel will carefully test your vehicle:
  • all types of trucks;
  • trailers and semi trailers;                       
  • road trains;
  • buses and mini-buses;
  • cars.



Using high-quality equipment and devices the Center's skilled staff will check out your vehicle and figure out the problem in quick way and give. They will give you a proper advice how to fix it. All the testing made with your vehicle will be put in computer data base and shown on paper for you.

Constant tests of "MONO-TRANSSERVISS" (semi) trailers in the firm's Center will prolong their life and help to predict and prevent damages.


Brake system testing:

on the roller brake testers you can test any type of vehicle with/without cargo.

Chassis testing on the play detector

for a checking out plays in chassis of vehicles:

  • in the connections of swivels
  • in bearings of wheel hubs
  • in pivoting connections of steering rod etc.

Wheel Alignment with laser alignment

All measurements are taken in the driven position - therefore lifting of the axles to perform run-out compensation is no longer necessary. Quick clamps fitted as standard. The magnetic feet allow the operator to carry out a super quick alignment check. In general, all important angles can be measured in under 10 minutes (including set up time) an industry first!
Measuring off following angles:

  • Toe
  • Camber
  • Toe out on turns
  • Castor
  • Kin pin inclination angle
  • Axle off set
  • Axle parallelity chassis to axle squareness

Highlights testing

This testing is computerized. Controlled camera has automated vertical and horizontal movements including automated searching of the hot spot of the beam. This is all at speed at least 5 minutes faster than manually operated testing systems.


1C Katlakalna Str., Riga
Ph. + 371 67241157; GSM ph.: +371 29551660
Fax +371 67249990; e-mail: transserviss@mono.lv


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